10 Successful PWA Examples To Look Into In 2023

According to the statistics of 2022, the bounce rate of Jumia is 48.83%, and the bounce rate of OLX is 31.93% respectively. That means that for making it work you’ll need a team of developers or a set of skills (in design, front and back-end development, and product management). A lot of big companies – like Facebook, Spotify, Uber, Forbes, The Washington Post, Trivago, and others – had their PWAs and improved the vital metrics. But their focus finally shifted to other products – they decided to give native apps another chance.

best progressive web apps

So if you’re thinking about creating a new web project, don’t forget to consider progressive web apps examples incuding Uber, Starbuks, Pinterest, Forbes and many more. With the several benefits of progressive web apps, they can be the perfect solution for you. In 2017, the company invested in its own PWA after three months of development. One benefit was that Tinder PWA could https://globalcloudteam.com/progressive-web-apps-in-2022/ reduce its data from 30MB in the native app to just 2.8MB in the PWA. Moreover, this PWA ensures faster page loading and better user interaction, including browsing, messaging, shopping, and spending sessions. Tinder is a popular mobile app in today’s online dating world that primarily uses your location information from your mobile devices to find other users in your area.

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In addition, it has tremendously reduced its bounce rate and user device storage requirements. But really push notifications can be a great boost for any business. It offers an immersive and interactive experience, with push notifications, offline access, and home screen icons. However, there are some key areas where Facebook falls short of being a true PWA. For example, it doesn’t currently support installation on most devices, and it doesn’t offer a way to queue up posts for offline reading. PWAs are web apps that take advantage of modern web technologies to deliver a native app-like experience to users.

In this section, we are going to set up a node server with Web Push capabilities, and then we are going to link it to our service worker in order to implement mobile-like Notifications. The next section of the course will cover all about the App Manifest and how to configure that one-click installation https://globalcloudteam.com/ experience that we are looking for. After that, we will inspect our application with the Lighthouse tool and analyze the generated report. It will then add an Application Shell using the Angular CLI and Angular Universal, and make the application One-Click Installable using an App Manifest.

The best progressive web apps for productivity

For example after building a PWA, Lancome saw that 8% of consumers who tap on a push notification make a purchase, and improved conversion rates on recovered carts by 12% via push notifications. Native apps are only relevant to those who, well, have the app installed. Based on our experience, we have developed an efficient PWA development process that is entirely transparent for our customers.

best progressive web apps

Unless you’re a pretty big company, you probably don’t have a load of talented front-end developers sitting around waiting for you to tell them what to do. You’d need to find them, hire them and put a team together and manage them – a difficult task if you’re not experienced with such things. Good front-end developer are always in demand too, and their contract rates reflect that. In order to build a unique, optimized and feature rich progressive web app – that really fulfils its potential – you need to invest more.

Best Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Examples in 2023

The company moved beyond the mobile web presence and launched a native app. However, the director of the Mobile Team at Alibaba realized that customers may not want to download a mobile app to add to cart a needed item or complete a transaction. They will perform these actions more eagerly from their mobile browser. In the beginning, in 2015, companies had to build a PWA from scratch. It was still less expensive than creating native mobile apps for every OS but came with costs between $400K and $1M, for example.

best progressive web apps

Users then find their content is available offline with a single tap. Flutter provides a wide range of built-in UI components, making it easy to create beautiful, responsive apps. Flutter apps are built using Dart, a language that is easy to learn for developers with experience in other languages like Java or JavaScript. PWA apps are progressive, meaning they can take advantage of new features as they’re added to the web platform. Weekly active users on the mobile web increased by 103% on average within one year, and new signups increased by 843%. There was also a surge in engagement, with the number of Pins progressed by 401%.

Boosted engagement, mobile conversions, and revenue

In addition, Pinterest PWA is an ideal tool for building a community for your business. The more exclusive content you have, the more people visit your site. And if such content is regular, then the growth of a loyal, active audience is guaranteed. Pinterest PWA can be compared to a search engine, and you get hundreds of pictures instead of text output on request. The great benefit of the service is that the added content becomes “viral” and spreads in a few hours. After getting into social confirmations , the account receives free traffic, allowing you to promote your business successfully.

  • For eCommerce stores, moving to a PWA can drastically improve conversions.
  • Covering almost 200 booking sites, the app works fast in terms of generating price comparisons.
  • On the other hand, they are more in-keeping with existing user habits, allow you to send push notifications to iOS users, and can get you brand-boosting visibility/presence on the App Stores.
  • According to Uber’s senior product manager Madhur Chadha in a 2019’s blog post, since the release of m-uber, the number of desktop users had made up 30% of total access.
  • Abdu Abdu Rahman is a marketing professional with over 5 years of experience.
  • As a result, they have more than doubled the number of web users who place orders daily, with desktop users ordering at roughly the same rate as mobile users.
  • Apache Cordova offers extensive help documentation so users can get the support they need and answers to common questions.

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